An excellent guide to running a small drilling business has been published by UNICEF here and is attached below. Some new and additional ideas can be found below, together with directions to some of the most useful parts of the UNICEF manual.

Budgets, Costs and Prices

Knowing how much drilling costs the driller to do, then how much to budget, and finally what to charge the client is one of the hardest problems facing a driller. Some brief information is given on the Budgets, Costs and Prices page to help.  However it is not the only issue:

Finding Customers

Especially at times outside of the harvest season finding work can be difficult. Also, relying on just one main supplier of work such as an NGO, charity or the government can be a problem. There is a risk of the business failing if that organisation stops giving work and also your single client can set the price that is good for them but not necessarily for you. The Finding Customers page gives more details of these problems and some possible solutions.

Rules, Regulations and the Government

Water is an important and valuable thing, therefore many people, including the government, are interested in how it is used. The rules relating to drilling can be very complicated and the reasons for how they are used often even more confusing. Serious problems can grow if the driller has a problem with the government. The Rules, Regulations and the Government page aims to help the driller deal with these problems.