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Budgets, Costs and Prices

The document, attached on the above page, is an excellent general guide to running a manual drilling business and was published by UNICEF (the original can be found at on the UNICEF page). Module 4 in the document together with the 'Cost Price Worksheet' in Annex 2 are especially useful for working out how much drilling a borehole costs and therefore how much you should budget.
Another very good document, published by RWSN here, gives lots of useful notes on what to budget for and roughly how much, it is aimed at drillers using large engine powered rigs but it still has a lot of useful information for a smaller manual drilling businesses too.

Material Costs

In Tanzania iWASH with MSABI and SHIPO are working on getting a factory shop in Dar es Salaam to provide a good quality standard. These pipes will then be able to bought by all member drillers for a good price. If the drillers in the different areas buy their pipes together in this way, they can buy for a better price and demand a better standard. Similar ideas have worked well in the past in many other countries.

Your Ideas

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