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Finding Customers

Finding customers is a very different skill to actually drilling but is equally important for a drilling business. There are many ways of finding customers, a good summary can be found in Module 3 of the attached document published by the UN but here are a few brief ideas as well:

Used Ideas

  • Word of mouth
    • This is the cheapest and best method. If you build a reputation for doing a good job for a good price you will grow your business slow and strong.
  • Radio
    • A short radio advert with your contact information and prices can be a very helpful way of finding new customers
  • Through your own shop
    • This is a successful method used by MSABI but it is expensive to rent a shop and pay a person to work in it
  • Through shops selling pumps
    • A more clever idea might be to build a good relationship with three or four of those shops already selling pumps in town who then may recommend you to their customers

Your Ideas