How To Use

The most important thing you need to do to use this website is to simply share your ideas and experience. This is what this website is about. To do this you can do various things, the easiest of which is to simply sign in (at the bottom of any page) here

and add a comment at the bottom of any page in the comments box which looks like this.

If you already have a google account you can simply sign in (at the bottom of any page) and add a comment, whatever you like, anything at all. If you don't already have an account you can create one very quickly here using your existing email account.

If you email 

info [ a ] (replacing the [ a ] with an @)

detail what you do as a driller or water engineer and where, you can then become a member of this site allowing you to edit and add to all parts of this site. This is the most important thing you can do with this website.


The first thing you may want to do is to zoom in or out. To do this hold down the Crtl button at the bottom left of your keyboard and use the buttons labelled with - and +, or use the wheel in the middle of your mouse again while holding the Ctrl button.

Mobile Phones

If you are using a mobile phone to view this page you will not be able to edit it (other than adding comments and files at the bottom of each page) unless you download and install firefox for android  [here].

Moving to Other Pages

The blue list to the left and at the top of every page gives a list of 'Subjects' like 'Rota Sludge Drilling' or 'Other Good Websites'. Parts, like 'Clamp Arm' and 'Clamp Jaw' listed under it are then linked on the relevant  'Subject' page and under the 'Subjects' at the top of every page. If you click on any blue link including any subjects or parts it will take you right to that page, giving you more information.

Types of Page

Part Page like 'Clamp Jaw' or 'Clay Bit'

Part Options like MSABI Clamp Jaw

How to Create a New Page