Other Good Websites

  • Akvopedia is an excellent website providing an editable summary of all good low cost water and sanitation technologies along near comprehensive links to relevant material
  • This link offers an excellent reference for all things related to groundwater as well as a very neat summary why manual drilling works well and how it is working around the world
  • The Practica Foundation were the main ones to develop the manual drilling technologies discussed on MaWaMa, they are a large organisation with very useful set of freely available manuals which can be found at
  • Bombas de Mecate in Nicaragua were the first to seriously manufacture and develop the pump and they maintain very close links to the Practica Foundation
  • This book by Koegel and made available by the UN FAO offers an excellent, if not a little outdated, summary of wells, boreholes and drilling
  • The following is an invaluable website for all technologies relevant to low income countries, it has a library of instructive and analytical texts as well as even more invaluable forums full of years of experience.
  • Although written for disaster situations the following book is one of the best reference books for an engineer working in poorer countries
  • The following provides an excellent overview of the different mechanised drilling technologies available
  • Geological maps for the whole of Africa can be found at
  • MSABI who have 6 manual drilling teams in Ifakara, Tanzania are transferring management of the drilling teams over to a local enterprise whilst continuing research on drilling, pump, sanitation and other ways of reducing disease caused by bad water.
  • MSABI and various other organisations were trained in the technologies they by the Southern Highlands Participatory Organisation (SHIPO) a training and implementation centre based in Njombe on the other side of the Udzungwa mountains to Ifakara where MSABI is based. SHIPO have links to the Practica foundation (see above)