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Elephant Pump Guide

What is it?


Created for batch production by Pump Aid to fit down hand dug wells. The moulds depicted above are used to cast the concrete which holds a stainless steel half round pipe or a concrete filled glass bottle for the friction point. Engineering drawings of the Elephant Pump can be found here but the individual drawings for guide moulds are attached at the bottom of this page.
Production details using a glass bottle instead of a stainless steel p are available in the 2004 Updated Bombas de Mecate Manufacturing Manual
To avoid pumping up the silty dirt at the very bottom of the well additional stones (stabilizers) can be attached to the bottom of the concrete block.

Good Things

  • Robust
  • Fast to produce

Bad Things

  • Stainless steel (if used) will wear faster than the glass or glazed ceramic but not nearly as fast as the galvanised pipe if the rope is incorrectly tensioned
  • A reasonable amount of cement is required which will add cost

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