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No Metal Borehole Guide

What is it?

The above guide block utilises only concrete, glass and plastic and will therefore not corrode. It is also encased in a 3" plastic pipe so that it can easily fit down a 4" casing. The guide is very similar to the No Metal Well Guide but is able to fit a 4" borehole casing and up to a 3/4" riser pipe. The guide is made by heating and forming a 3" PVC pipe into an oval shape. Holes are then made by using heated tools for the riser pipe, return pipe and small concrete filled medicine bottle. Again using a heated tool another oval shaped hole is made in a longer piece of 3" PVC pipe. The first oval shaped 3" piece is then inserted in the longer piece and the top filled with a strong Portland cement mix to hold everything together.

Good Things

  • Will not corrode
  • Will fit down borehole
  • Will not wear as friction point is over glass
  • Very efficient as friction point over glass
  • No special tools needed to create it and therefore can be manufactured and replaced easily

Bad Things

  • Will only fit up to a 3/4" riser pipe
  • Will only fit in borehole casings larger than 4" using above design

Your Ideas

  • It is likely that a similar guide could be made to fit a 3" or possibly even 2" casing if respectively a 2" or 1 1/2" outer guide casing and 1/2" rising main was used

Please write any other untested improvements that could be made

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