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Ludo Mk2 Injection Moulded Pistons

What is it?

Ludo Engineering have made the above simple injection moulder. It consists of a simple manual lever to force the plastic into the mould, the plastic is melted by an oxy-fuel flame torch. This is a very effective method of producing good quality pistons. However, the oxy-acetylene gas, required for the torch, is still relatively expensive and unavailable. An alternative to the oxy-acetylene fuel flame torch has been utilised in Columbia and is explained on the Ludo Electrically Heated Injection Moulded Pistons page. The above design is the second version of the injection moulder that allows recycled plastic to be used instead of only pellets like the Ludo Injection Moulded Pistons Mk1.

Good Things

  • Makes pistons to very accurate dimensions
  • Low cost to make
  • Simple to use and repair
  • Ludo Engineering can produce the moulds on mail order
  • Relatively low cost
  • Can be replicated out of mild steel in a simple local workshops

Bad Things

  • Needs expensive oxy-acetylene gas to heat
  • Moulds must be made on a lathe which are generally only available in large cities

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