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Powered Rope Pumps

What is it?

Powering the rope pump to get more water is usually done with the aim of irrigating crops to earn money. If the power source is paid for, it is especially important that the rope pump is efficient as possible, see the Pump Efficiency and Model Equations for help. The below table shows an estimation of the relative merits of the different powered options.

Pump TypeCost to BuyFlow RateMax h/dayRunning CostWaterVegetables
per Pump @8mm/day
Running Cost per dayMax. Delivered PressureMax. Lifting Depth
Double Crank (2 man) Rope Pump
~  $200 1.0l/s 12h*~  $5  /day 40m3/day 0.5 ha~$10 /haNone60m 
No Rope Pump. Instead:
~  $200
 2.0l/s 16h **~$15 /day 110m3/day1.3 ha~$10 /ha 20m7m 
Diesel Powered Rope Pump
~  $450
 2.0l/s 16h **~$15 /day 110m3/day 1.3 ha~$10 /ha None60m 
Horse Powered Rope Pump
~  $350
2.0l/s12h***~ $4/day 85m3/day1.0 ha~$4   /haNone
Wind Powered Rope Pump
~  $800
 1.0l/s 24h ^~ $0.1/day 85m3/day 1.0 ha~$0.1/ha None60m 
Solar (PV) Powered Rope Pump
 1.0l/s 6h ^~ $0.1/day20m3/day0.3 ha~$0.3/ha None60m 
All the above calculations are based on a total head of 10m. Further details on calculating the torque, speed, power, head and flow rate of the rope pump can be found on the Pump Efficiency and Model Equations page. Figures were taken from the quoted sources and elsewhere in June 2014.
*   Based on 2 shifts of a total of 4 men on $1.25/day, 70W of power per man and a 65% pump efficiency
**  Based on diesel @ $2/litre
*** Based on 2 shift of a total of two animals at $0.75/day and two men @ $1.25/day
^   Maintenance costs $50/year
^^ Based on 150W solar panel @ $150, 150W NCR MOTOR @ $100 and rope pump for $200

Used Ideas

 Easily AvailableLow CostLong LifeLow Running Cost
Double Crank (2 man) Rope Pump
No Rope Pump.
Instead: Cheap Diesel Powered Centrifugal Pump
Diesel Powered Rope Pump

Horse Powered Rope Pump
Wind Powered Rope Pump
Solar (PV) Powered Rope Pump
Solar (PV) Powered Rope Pump

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