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Elephant Wheel

What is it?

The pulley wheel used in Pump Aid's Elephant Pump uses an angle iron rim and off set spokes like a bicycle rim. These two features make the wheel considerably stronger. The rim is then lines with two strips of car tyre instead of two rims. Care must be taken to cut the edge of the two strips as shown on the right of the below picture and not like that shown on the left. If the tyre strips are cut as shown on the left the rope does not slip with the normal rope tension due to the sharp (acute) angle.
Finally at the tyre forms a smaller barrier to the rope meaning that it easier to jump out off the wheel than the Nicaraguan Wheel

Good Things

  • Strong, difficult to knock the wheel out of alignment

Bad Things

  • Easier for the rope to jump off
  • If the tyre is not cut correctly then the rope can slip
  • Manufacturing process more complex
  • Additional cost of angle iron rim

Your Ideas

Please write any untested improvements that could be made

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