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MaWaMa Wheel

What is it?

The above picture shows an improved wheel design that was suggested to PumpAid as an improvement to their design. It incorporates strong offset spokes a reinforced rim and complete tyre rim halves that provide a more acute rope grip and higher barrier to the rope jumping off. It is not tested on large scale however the design alterations are not radical. The design combines the strength of the Elephant Wheel with the improved rope grip and control of the Nicaraguan Wheel.

Good Things

  • Strong, unlikely to become unaligned and wear against the pipe
  • Rope unlikely to slip
  • Rope unlikely to jump off the wheel

Bad Things

  • Costs $4 more than Nicaraguan Wheel but the same as the Elephant Wheel
    • Manufacturing process is slightly more involved and the flat bar for the rim is an additional cost

Your Ideas

Please write any untested improvements that could be made

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