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MSABI Clamp Jaw

What is it?

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The clamp jaw used by MSABI is a modification of the basic jaw described by Practica, improvements have aimed to strenthen the jaw which was failing regularly.

Good Things

  • Thick 10mm angle iron was used instead of the GI (galvanised) pipe, see picture, wich used to bend and stop the pipe being held properly
  • Pieces of metal bar were welded on to strengthen the joints, see picture
  • The chain hinge was replaced by bent 10mm round metal bar to prevent breaking, see picture

Bad Things

  • The bolt remains a problem. It breaks often and takes a long time to loosen and fasten as the jaw is moved
  • Bolt tends to break and takes a long time to open and close

Your Ideas

Replacing the bolt is the most important improvement to be made. See Quick Close Cam Bolt or Quick Closing Clamp.

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