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Chisel Bit

What is it?

This bit was an experiment to attempt to be able to continue using the rota sludge method when rock is hit, only with the modification of not doing the quarter turn with the handle. The bit is constructed by cutting spring steel whilst cooled to produce the shape shown below. The spring steel is then attached using a large pin which is smaller than the hole through the spring steel. This removes the need to heat the spring steel when welding and also any risk of breaking as the force of impact is transferred straight down the pipe where the spring steel over laps the reinforced socket end.

Good Things

  • Strong, difficult to break as the forces are not transferred through a weld
  • Edge stays sharp as it remains cool whilst being made

Bad Things

  • The bit cannot be twisted and if it was it could break
  • The bit is slowed dramatically as the drilling pipes drops through the drilling fluid
  • The strength of the pipe joints above limit how much weight and force can be used with the rota sludge method

Your Ideas

To use the Stone Hammer Method that avoids many of 'Bad Things' listed above