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MSABI Clay Bit

What is it?

The clay bit used by MSABI consists of welding a triangle of spring steel to the top of a pipe socket (connector), then welding four additional teeth to the outside of the socket as shown in the pictures. The teeth are then ground using an angle grinder and additional pieces of 8mm bar inserted to increase the strength of the fixing of the central tooth, see diagram.

Good Things

  • Cuts up the clay to small pieces (around the size of the end of a finger) which are easily carried to the surface
  • The clay is cut up and does not clog the pipe


  • The design is weak and the teeth often break off, which can stop the drill bit from passing any deeper

At that time we were grinding at out side of the teeth, but we find that is easier to get stuck., but now what we are doing is to sharpen inside the teeth so that is easier to cut the clay  and can not get stuck

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