What is it?

The weight is attached at the bottom of the drill pipes (string) immediately above the drill bit. It provides the weight and force behind the drill bit, as well as being the first pipe to carry the drilling fluid and cuttings to the surface. It must be heavy, fit into the whole cut by the drill bit and strong as it is where the highest forces are created out of all the tools.

Used Ideas

The standard weight described by Practica here and shown above is very effective and easy to install. 

However, the weight must be carefully maintained as it can easily break and leave the dill bit at the bottom of the borehole preventing it being deepened any further.

MSABI have made a slight improvement by welding flat bar to the socket similar to the auger bit shown here. This increases the strength of the weight at its weakest point where the both the thead wrenches cut into the pipe.

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